The March of the Lilies in February

With the fireplace burning and the snow caked on the trees outside my window,  I sit beside my vase of Starburst Lilies. Their huge blossoms are like mouths opening wide, screaming for spring. The petals that were brave enough to unfurl in this snow storm, do so commandingly  and without repression.  They are all-in andContinue reading “The March of the Lilies in February”

Spring Cleaning the House of Cards

Falling back. Into the house of cards. Sifting and shedding. Cleaning out the closets. How can such a small forgotten space hold so much slipshod? Throwing out used up beliefs. Time to burn the old tapes. The stench is nauseating. Open the fucking windows! Let the air in. Breathe the freshness. Winter is over. SitContinue reading “Spring Cleaning the House of Cards”