Defining Defined Describe

Defining the stages of life is defying life. I am – – – defined by – – – Am I really defined by anything. Describe how it feels to be so sick of “now” that you leave “now” for another time.

Some of us have to know to feel safe. Others feel unsafe the more they know.

Neither really knows – do they.

They just play with experiences and memories to understanding something. But what is there to understand? Or know? The stages of grief? Ok. Schrodinger’s quantum mechanics model? For some. Perhaps we might just learn something by not knowing. What do you think about that!


Writers the world over love words. The sound of a word that depicts the experience and builds on the readers felt sense to a point of being there. Precision matters to a poet. Words have meanings! They do. Each word counts. So why is it that we want to define this world for each other to see our view and evoke our audience to experience what we see?

I don’t know.


Settling into a defined state of anything diminishes everything. Yet we all play with our role and others views of our “self”. Worst of all we believe them. The I that is not me and those in the audience ready to define me in some absolute way. Nope.


Describe what it means to hold your child. Describe the feeling to the person who caused you to feel it. Describe why it matters to you that… try feeling and sensing. Try holding on to what you “know” with a loose grip. And then stop trying and when you’re ready, stop telling stories and just soak in the experience.

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