Broken and Whole

I am not a singer, yet I love to sing. 

I am a believer, filled with doubt. 

I am a loner. And, I love people. 

I am full of life. And yet oddly broken. 

I am driven, and tired. 

I am hungry, yet satisfied. 

I care too much, and not at all. 

I love getting close, yet feel distant.

I am entrepreneurial, yet afraid of risk.

I am broken, and I’m also whole!

In my brokenness, I’ve given my errors in life too much power. 

I’d become someone I didn’t recognize. 

In my wholeness, I am a dreamer. I know that I know that I know my purpose. 

Yet I’ve listened to countless dream killers and shied away from my dreams.

No more! My dreams are sacred. My journey is clear. My story is unfolding within as I re-awaken to the I am that I am. 

It feels good to be home. 

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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