Super Moon

Not looking up,

I look left. 

Out the plane window, at the impressive orange globe rising 

Directly beside my heart.

A statement of “More”.

There is more. 

More beauty to see and more flavor to taste

If I just allow the light to pour into my eyes and over my tongue.

More love in this world and more love to be felt

If I uncover my heart and radiate my light.

Allowing more…


Like the Super Moon.

The super moon discovered the secret.

Became its fullness.

by allowing more Sun. 

It absorbs the maximum intensity 

And reflects it with zealous abandon

To show unabashedly its own brilliance.

It has become the Sun’s mirror

Allowing me to see my own potential 

With my light-fearing eyes.          

It is difficult to look in the mirror and see my full truth

In all its blazing nakedness.

It’s okay… It’s just that

I Am 

Too bright for My own eyes.

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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