Early morning. The wind nudged the open window before swirling into our bedroom. Fresh pre-storm air washed over us. I looked over at Kelly, she was tucked into her cocoon and seemingly out cold. I watched.

The calm cleansing air surrendered to the storm as the beating rain followed the wind into our room. I jumped out of bed to close the window. “Are there other windows open?” Kelly must have felt the same embrace I did. “I’ll check.” I closed our door and walked around the house. Although the sounds of the growing storm didn’t make it easy to detect an open window, they were all closed. I returned to the center of our living room and looked out our many windows at the awesome display.

I walked outside to feel the enormity of this powerful energy and stayed there for some time. I felt my troubled thoughts wash away. Quieting amidst the turbulent energy felt natural.

In an hour, everything changed. The sky turned blue, birds sang, wind quieted, and I watched the morning become. In a matter of minutes, all that remained was this feeling of being cleansed.

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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