The March of the Lilies in February

With the fireplace burning and the snow caked on the trees outside my window, 

I sit beside my vase of Starburst Lilies.

Their huge blossoms are like mouths opening wide, screaming for spring.

The petals that were brave enough to unfurl in this snow storm, do so commandingly 

and without repression. 

They are all-in and demanding change.

Even the newly emerging buds evoke the call of the trumpet

in an attempt to escort spring down February’s winter aisle. 

Their coquettish shape blowing kisses to the crowd. 

They know how to use their wiles. 

Nature can be such a tease.

The shyer unopened buds offer a more submissive and phallic enticement 

to ensure all preferences can be satisfied. 

My lilies know their audience. 

After all, Miss Mother Nature is the dominatrix

that runs this show –

Is she not?

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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