One and Many

From the first days of getting to know Kelly we learned what seemed like a striking difference between us. Kelly came to her work with a felt sense that she could only support the healing process one person at a time. If your work can change many lives or all of life, why change one so I thought.

We both seek to understand our sensibilities through science and/or evidence. It’s jus a part of how we think. Until it’s not. We equally come to our sense of knowing with no need to prove ourselves. From here we have come to know our unifying theory that one is many and many one. Seeking truth has kept us both up working through difficult times. Seeking truth has calmed in the no-matter-whatness of life.

Over time, we’ve come to know our language around these nuanced ways of seeing things. One night, Kelly listened as I worked through my perspective. When I stopped reframing, she said, “Hold on with a loose grip”. Truth!

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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