Snow Globes in Springtime

I miss my workout. I miss my routine. Yes, I am virus free. But the gym is closed. School is for all practical purposes is not school. All trips and weekly meetings with friends canceled. Zoom sessions aren’t my thing. I’m being resistant about that, I know. The patterns that root me are lost. And may never be the same again for any of us. This could be a good thing, I guess. Potential for making positive changes. Unemployment is at a record high. I am fortunate to still be working although my business has dropped 50%. This, too, could be a good thing. A door cracking open. The door to time. Time with family, myself. Time for projects that i never had time for. All good things, right? I know sometimes things have to be shaken up before improvements can come. I am sure this can be an opportunity.

 But right now my head feels like a shaken snow globe. Everything is floating and shifting. And I am helplessly trying to control the  unsettled flakes by tilting this way or that way – unsuccessfully, of course. Contents of a shaken globe cannot be manipulated nor directed. I know this and yet I keep steering the glass ball as if I have the power to land any of these flakes where I want them. So I give it another frustrated shake and sit resentfully staring into the chaotic swirls. A surrendering sigh escapes. And here it is. Now I get it. The point of a snow globe: Chaos has beauty that can be seen only when we become the stillness it revolves around.    

Chaos is beautiful. Aside from the cliches of “the end is the new beginning” and numerous “eye of the storm” metaphors.- All of which point to the eagerness to leave the chaotic state; Chaos, itself, should be properly appreciated. In fact, it can become mesmerizingly freeing, if we can drop the resistance and  surrender just a moment- a very present moment – to being. Being its center, observing with its proverbial “eye”.  In the peak of chaos, quiet observation is the only effective participation.  In the peak of chaos, there is nothing to be done and there are no answers to be found.  It is the predecessor to the underrated state of wonder. 

Wondering will lead us to the right answers? No! There are no right answers found in chaos. At least not for the duration. In fact, I would argue that answers are never the answer. Answers to yesterdays problems have become outdated belief systems. Over reliance on our unquestioned beliefs is what gets the globe shaken in the first place. A fresh start is what is really needed.

When there are no answers, find new questions. 

Wonder then becomes the springboard for more questions! The question mark is a powerful and terribly underutilized symbol. It carries all possibilities without limits. it is Wonder’s power tool. Wielding this aesthetic squiggle, Wonder is fearless and without judgement, widening our field of vision beyond our practiced boundaries. 

So be the observant eye in the middle of this chaotic, answerless moment. Participate with new questions. Wonder is power. It can turn a snowstorm in a glass ball into a springboard of blossoming potential..

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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