As systems that govern our lives go, politics is as insidious as any and therefore worthy of our time. Considering I don’t have much good to say about either party I’ll write about this sliver of light that has found its way into my view. I certainly wasn’t looking for some silver lining to wash away the disfunction but here it is.

Truth is a tapestry of sounds echoing from one corner of the political spectrum to another. Nothing sacred in either the truth or outright lies. If there were, one party or group, or even one individual would surely rise above and become a light in this time of relative darkness. But this isn’t the light I’m referring to.

My reference to light has come into view and found its way inside me. This light has guided me toward a different response to stories. One that may quietly change the way I come to life. I feel less as I learn more. I know, not exactly a cathartic moment.

My decision to stay on top of the news has been a lifelong commitment filled with angst given the trends toward less civility and willingness to seek a third outcome. In order to suss out the real story, I’ve chosen to read more and more over time to get a better read on the truth. Each year it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the “news” and less satisfying.

I’m now reading a bit less in measure with my willingness to allow for a little light to shine on the darkness.

Published by guy pierce bell

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Agitator, Strategist

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