Our Field of Play

an artist meets a sculptor

Kelly Born

Kelly is non traditional physical therapist who specializes in Myofascial Release. Kelly writes poetry, prose, and playful examinations of the continuum of life, art and health.


Together, Kelly and Guy have spent untold hours playing in this field or potentiality. Through their unique perspectives, they’ve come to appreciate the commonality of right tension that units us all in this grand field of life.

Guy Bell

Guy is a business executive specializing in turning around failing companies. He’s written three books, countless songs, and speaks on the subject of free thinking.

When you label me, you negate me.

Soren Kirkegard

What if we could suspend our desire to label people and just experience the unfolding? A few more words, one less limited thought, or nothing.

About Us

We create and help others create for the soul purpose of becoming more of who we are.

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